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We Buy Boats

Your Fast and Fair Selling Option

Unreel Marine offers a swift and efficient way to sell your boat without the long wait times of consignment. Don't waste months trying to sell your boat through consignment; instead, get an Unreel offer on your boat today. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive a fair price for your boat promptly. With Unreel Marine, selling your boat is not only quick but also hassle-free.

Boat Repair Services

Seamless Repair & Restoration

From fiberglass repair to gelcoat restoration and professional painting services, Unreel Marine provides comprehensive boat repairs solutions to address various issues that may arise. Whether it's repairing minor dings and scratches or restoring significant damage, our skilled technicians are equipped with the expertise and tools to handle your boat repairs with precision and care. Our meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is seen in our boat repair results

Motor Repair Services

Outboard Motor Maintenance and Repairs

Unreel Marine offers top-notch outboard motor repair services for all makes and models at an affordable rate starting as low as $125 per hour. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in handling a wide range of outboard motor issues with precision and efficiency. Whether it's routine maintenance, diagnosing problems, or conducting complex repairs, we strive to deliver high-quality service to ensure your outboard motor runs smoothly on the water. Trust Unreel Marine for reliable and cost-effective outboard motor repair to keep your vessel performing at its best.

Upholstery Repair Services

Leather Restoration Services for Your Boat

If you're dealing with worn, cracked, torn, or damaged leather upholstery, Unreel Marine upholstery repair services can help. We specialize in restoring the beauty and functionality of your leather upholstery, bringing new life to your boat's upholstery. Our skilled technicians are experienced in repairing a variety of leather issues with precision and care. Whether it's a small tear or extensive damage, we have the expertise to handle it effectively. We will revitalize your leather upholstery and regain its original charm.

Boat Financing

We Recommend Marker 5

Marker5 is a trusted loan broker specializing in securing loans for boat buyers. With years of experience in the marine industry and a deep understanding of the financial landscape, Marker5 works tirelessly to find the best loan options for clients looking to purchase their dream boat. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned sailor, Marker5's dedicated team guides you through the loan process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Trust Marker5 to navigate the waters of boat financing with expertise and personalized service tailored to your needs.